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July 30, 2024 - 12:10pm

Epiphany Tuesday Concert Series

Church of the Epiphany
1317 G St NW Washington, DC

Upcoming Event:

Photography by Daniel Peck

C A R R I E  R O S E
Washington, DC area


Rose wails out avant-garde solo and chamber music, freelances with regional orchestras, grooves for folk dances, and unfurls a luscious array of classical chamber music. 

On YouTube she posts full-length flute and video concerts in nature:  She plays in streams, meadows, flower gardens and up in a tree, in the afternoon, at dawn, and in the moonlight.  

Breathing in Nature

Breathing in Light

Breathing In Spring

Breathing on the Edge

Breathing In Water


Rose composes a world premiere for each concert on the Origins Concert Series - a hub for adventurous music seekers in Silver Spring, Maryland.  She also accepts commissions.  Lately she has been composing for solo flute and video in nature.


Rose is passionate about passing on the fruits of her life's immersion in music through Private Flute Lessons.  A flute teacher with over 25 years of experience, she enjoys finding the unique way that each student learns.  Her studio is located in Takoma Park / Silver Spring, Maryland.

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